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Established in 1912 for the production of handcrafted ox horn items, Fratelli Guzzini introduced plexiglas to the domestic landscape in 1938: at that time, household objects were still very much linked to the traditional materials of wood, glass and iron. The company’s decision to offer something different was an early indication of its commitment to technology, from the use of acrylics and two-tones to the variety of materials used, which has led to interaction between contemporary materials and porcelain, glass, steel and wood.

All Guzzini products are designed with the aim of satisfying the close relationship between people and objects, offering unique features and opportunities for enjoyment. Guzzini items make the relationships people have with time, with other people and with food easier. Guzzini style symbolises the culture of living well and the all-Italian way of interpreting household objects: practical, distinctive, reliable and of the highest quality, these objects play a central role in a new and simple daily routine.

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