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Animals collection with 104 products
104 products
Baby and Children collection with 29 products
Baby and Children
29 products
Books collection with 18 products
18 products
Cats collection with 14 products
14 products
Christmas collection with 76 products
76 products
Dogs collection with 39 products
39 products
Fruits and Vegetables collection with 7 products
Fruits and Vegetables
7 products
Games collection with 6 products
6 products
Garden collection with 11 products
11 products
Hearts collection with 32 products
32 products
Kitchen and Home collection with 42 products
Kitchen and Home
42 products
Ladies Accessories collection with 20 products
Ladies Accessories
20 products
Music collection with 4 products
4 products
Professional collection with 10 products
10 products
Religious collection with 37 products
37 products
Special Occasions collection with 69 products
Special Occasions
69 products
Sports collection with 28 products
28 products
Traditional Styles collection with 33 products
Traditional Styles
33 products
Travel and Monuments collection with 101 products
Travel and Monuments
101 products
Various Other Items collection with 1 products
Various Other Items
1 product
Wine and Spirits collection with 18 products
Wine and Spirits
18 products

Since 1973 the name Rochard has been synonymous with exquisite hand painted porcelain Limoges boxes from Limoges, France. Superior workmanship, exclusive designs, vivid paint coloring and unique hinge and latch sets are just a few of the attributes that distinguish Rochard Limoges boxes. Every Rochard™ Limoges box proudly bears the "Rochard" name, ...... Read More