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La Dentelliere
La Dentelliere
Gracious Fine Gifts, Tabletop, Home Décor, Lighting and European Bedding and Bath from France and Italy More »
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Our Commitment to Accessibility

La Dentelliere is committed to making our website's content accessible and user friendly to everyone. If you are having difficulty viewing or navigating the content on this website, or notice any content, feature, or functionality that you believe is not fully accessible to people with disabilities, please call our Customer Service team at 1-914-725-2800 or message us using the form here and provide a description of the specific feature you feel is not fully accessible or a suggestion for improvement. We take your feedback seriously and will consider it as we evaluate ways to accommodate all of our customers and our overall accessibility policies. Additionally, while we do not control such vendors, we strongly encourage vendors of third-party digital content to provide content that is accessible and user friendly.

La Dentelliere Offers These Designers and Brands:

  • 1 Canoe 2
  • Agraria
  • Anna Weatherley
  • Annieglass
  • Arte Italica
  • Beatriz Ball
  • Bodrum
  • Bordallo Pinheiro
  • Bugatti Italy
  • Calaisio
  • Capdeco
  • Casa Alegre
  • Chef & Sommelier
  • Couzon
  • Deshoulieres
  • Erbario Toscano
  • Fleur de Lys
  • Gien
  • Golden Rabbit
  • Guzzini
  • Halcyon Days
  • Haviland
  • Juliska
  • Kim Seybert
  • Mariposa
  • Michael Aram
  • Nambé
  • Olivia Riegel
  • Q HOME
  • Relish
  • Rochard Limoges
  • Rosenthal
  • Royal Limoges
  • SCIP
  • Vista Alegre
  • Viva by Vietri
  • Yves Delorme