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Belle Cuisine Eclipse offers a wide range of bakeware designed to be used from the kitchen to the table, the buffet or room service. These dishes maintain temperature for a long time when taken out of the oven or the freezer. Their ultra-resistant handles are monoblock and belong to the same mold as the piec, guaranteeing both an excellent grip and a perfect resistance to shocks in the kitchen. Available in 3 finishes, each piece is hand finished for a unique quality. Discover a large selection of shapes and sizes, for perfect control of material costs according to your menu.
Care & Usage:
Porcelain is dishwasher safe. It is the best material for perfect cooking. Suitable with all professional ovens (oven +572°F) withstand the very high temperature of a grill. Ideal for keeping food fresh, with a low thermal inertia means that food can easily be maintained at the correct temperature, on a hot or cold zone. Porcelain withstand extreme temperature changes (356°F).
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