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About Solstice:
The Solstice collection emerged in our desire to transform the stylistic codes of porcelain, and then those of the whole culinary experience, thus renewing our most deeply seated beliefs… This is about staying true to our creative and audacious values, setting the human hand free to offer the most beautiful things it can create. Striving to surpass ourselves at the cutting edge of design, we invite your expert eyes to admire the workmanship in every unique detail.
Care & Usage:
Porcelain is dishwasher safe. Suitable with all professional ovens (oven +572°F). With a low thermal inertia means that food can easily be maintained at the correct temperature, on a hot or cold zone. Porcelain withstand extreme temperature changes (356°F). dish decorated with real metal should not be used in the oven or microwave.Hand-washing recommended
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